Read up about the charities that interest you and find out about their aims and achievements. Call a charity direct, and discuss the possibility of leaving them a gift in your will. The Remember a Charity website has a whole section called ‘Find a charity’.

Make it emotional

Choosing a charity to include in your will is, of course, a very personal decision — and different people will have different ideas about the organisations they would like to support, such as animal charities, research charities, poverty charities or care and support charities. Think about causes that are close to your heart: perhaps a charity that helped a loved one such as an elderly or sick relative, or a good cause that you have a close emotional connection with.

Mix it up

You don’t need to support just one charity in your will — you can leave a gift to any number of good causes and there is no limit to the amount you can donate. Choose from big national or international charities and also support something small and local.